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Saturday, March 06, 2010

SOnata ARCtica - Paid in Full With Lyrics

ding dong......hai everybody....:D

AKu :this song is called "Paid In Full" by Sonata Arctica...

You : What!? Who's this band????

Aku : This is band formed by a group of people from Finland..yes, Finland....just listen to their song n u'll know why i like them sing...(blurry speech :P )

Video :

Lyrics :

I was nowhere near ready when all it ended
So I hoped we could find a new day, cannot live without you

You gave me the chance, time and again in vain
Now my feelings for you
Every tear, every smile, paid in full
Wrecked the chain, but no longer can I take the pain

It's hard for me to love myself right now
I waited, hated, blamed it all on you

Needed to be strong, yet I was always too weak
So I can only blame myself for this state we are in
I will take what you have for me now, it's not too late

Did you change? I did too
Love can grow from the last grain

It's hard for me to love myself right now
I waited, hated, blamed it all on you

I need you less and less
Every day feeds this moral decay
Yet I've grown to love you even more

My fault that you then turned another cheek
You mouth the words, you're not ready to speak
You're scared of me, although I never had a clue
That I'd become so much stronger than you


I will take what you have for me now if it's not too late
If you like I will leave, I will not miss the last train again

It's hard for me to love myself right now
I waited, hated, blamed it all on you
It's hard for me to love your face right now
I'm waiting, hating, needing, being me

I need you less and less
And every day leads us farther away
From that moment

It's hard for me to hate myself right now
Finally I'm understanding me
One day we may have whole new me's and you's
But first I need to learn to love me too

Thursday, March 04, 2010


Haolooo....apo kabor org Malaysia dan org disekeliling...

Aku xtau nak update ape kt blog aku nih....so aku rase dh tibe mase utk aku 'share' dengan korang satu game yg aku slalu main ble aku bukak brodband aku....Game yang aku maksudkan bukan kt dalam facebook tu..tp game ni tergolong dalam spesies text-based game atau browser-based game...

Namenye adalah Booty-Master

Game ni agak senang nak main tapi susah gak lah nak master..sbb tricks game ni trlalu byak dan susah nak dijangka (kecuali yg dh pham la)

Buat pengetahuan korang game ni real-time game..maknanya die akan update setiap 24 jam skali...nak tau lg byk pegi lah website die n baca die nye guide atau instrustions bg pham...

Aku dh main game ni 3 set dah...dan skarang game ni dah capai set ke-6 utk bulan ni...baru j open 6hb March ni...so masih baru..sesape yg nak main atau nk try main ley la masuk k website die n register kt sane.

korang ey msg aku in-game atau komen j kt sni...ak akn tg skt sbanyak mcm mane nk main dan berjaya sbg perompak maya..hehehe

ni link k website game tu.... :D